2016 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

2016 PVGP 22.jpg

These are photos from the Saturday events at the 2016 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Put on by the Pittsburgh Automotive Dealer's Association as a fundraiser for the Autism Society of Pittsburgh as well as Allegheny Valley School, the event serves as a gathering place for vintage cars and buffs from around the country.

This was my second year attending, and, just like last year, it did not disappoint. Great weather, cool cars, and a great vibe combined for another fantastic weekend. Seriously, I can't reccommend this event enough.

This year I decided to work mostly on my telephoto work on the track. My son and I wandered the Concours d'Elegance to catch some automotive history (as well as some current offerings) up close. Somehow, there's never enough time. I can't wait to try again next year.

The 2016 Twelve Hours of Sebring

Sebring 2016 01.jpg

Well, springtime is upon us again, and for me that means another jaunt to my favorite race of the year. After getting an early peek at the Ford GT at the 2015 Cleveland Auto Show, I was really looking forward to seeing it in race trim. Needless to say, I was not disappointed, at least not in the cars or the racing.

Full disclosure: I did not see the end of the race. There was rain and a red flag for lightning, marking the first time the race was stopped for weather since 1997. I was looking forward to trying out some new gear during the evening segments, but alas, I was caught out by the rain. Still, I enjoyed the time that I did have and I'm looking forward to the next go-round, rain or shine (hopefully shine).

Sister Diana Stano Athletic Center at Ursuline College, Pepper Pike, Ohio

VAA - Ursuline 01.jpg

These are the facilities for the Sister Diana Stano Athletic Center for Ursuline College, located in Pepper Pike, Ohio. Designed By Van Auken Akins Architects of Cleveland, the facility houses a gymnasium, workout room, locker rooms, and support spaces for the Arrows' athletic teams. It was designed to replace an older facility that was destroyed by a tornado in 2013.

This was one of my last shoots of the fall, and I'm glad that I was able to squeeze it in. This is a beautiful little campus, and I think the building blends into it rather well. The forms, materials, and colors are sympathetic to the existing infrastructure as well as the surrounding countryside. Very nice presentation.

Beaumont School STEM Addition, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

VAA - Beaumont 01.jpg

This is the STEM addition to the Beaumont School in Cleveland Heights. Designed by Van Auken Akins Architects in Cleveland, the 25,000 square foot addition houses four classrooms, a community "commons" space, as well as new administrative and guidance areas for the school.

The architect in me picked up on the details immediately: brick, stone, and glazing materials from the existing building are re-interpreted and extended into the new. The vintage aluminum trim cornice found in the existing building is also brought into the new construction and re-interpreted over the windows. The result is a distinctive new structure that maintains the heritage and charm of the original construction; it's an addition to an existing building - not a new one.

I also liked the openness of the student commons area. The clerestory ceiling and curtainwall are intended to bring together interior and exterior space, and the patio does a great job of softening the transition between the two.

I wanted to photograph the exteriors at the height of Fall; I think the warm foliage bring out the colors of the building nicely. I'm glad that I was able to squeeze it in before the leaves fell.