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My adventures as a photographer began during my first trip home from college.

After my first semester of architectural studies, I was ready for a break.  My father had gone out to pick up a roll of film from a party he had shot a week earlier with his Pentax K-1000 (A fully manual film - based SLR). When he returned, I could tell he was not happy. Unfortunately, he had been taking photos with the flash unit on, and he forgot to re-set the shutter speed from 1/125 sec to 1/60 sec, and as a result, each shot was only half exposed (the shutter speed was too fast for the flash unit). That was it for him. Tossing the camera bag at me, he suggested that maybe I could have better luck with it.

I did continue on in architecture; I got my degrees (with a minor in photography), became registered as an architect, and settled in greater Cleveland. The photography came along also, partially for fun, and partially to help develop the creative aesthetic. 

Being able to extend my muse into another love, road racing, is just an added bonus. Race cars are to me a beautiful expression of sculptural design and engineering. My first race was the 1992 Cleveland Grand Prix, and after taking my first breath of methanol exhaust, I was hooked immediately. While the skillset is completely different (cars tend to move a bit faster than buildings), the compositional eye is similar, and can yield images that are just as engaging as that of architecture, if not more.

So, in 2010, after 20 years or so of carrying a camera around for fun (including exhibitions and publication), and with the help and encouragement of family, friends, and contemporaries, I decided it was time to hang out a shingle and "go pro".

My home is still in greater Cleveland. I've shot much around and out of town. While the closest track to me is Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, I have shot at many others over the years, including Sebring, Long Beach, and Le Mans.

Drop me a line. Let's see what I can do for you.

The adventure begins anew. I invite you to come on along for the ride.

-Harry Dempsey (harry[at]autohausimage[dot]com)

p: 216.369.9101

P.S. Yes, I still have the Pentax.